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       Dongguan Gong Fu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a circuit protection device development, manufacturing and supply as a whole, to provide you with safe and reliable circuit protection and comprehensive service offerings, along with the vigorous development of electronic products, our company constantly develop new products to meet in need of high-grade, advanced electronic products, existing products: current fuse, fuse, automotive fuse, fuse blocks, fuse holder, glass sealed fuse, temperature switches, temperature protection, glass tube fuse, ceramic fuse, micro fuse, fuse, power fuse, high voltage fuses, fuse blocks and other automotive products, may need to provide you with high quality products and product solutions to protect your product.

       Currently we have 2.4x7.2.5x6.3x9.3x10.4x11.4x15.5x15.6x25.6x30.6x32.8x8.5.4x8.10x38.6x40 size of the product. Voltage: Low (6V-115V) (125V-250V) high-voltage (300V-1500V), in which the current fuse glass, ceramic, plastic has fast break, fast break, slow-medium, slow down, slow time and mine , anti-surge protection and high-proof features, product current range: 10mA-100A, CE EU certification 32mA-30A range, special specifications and current build, matching the fuse in the fuse holder, fuse clips and other products

         With the continuous development of electronic applications our company in order to meet the automotive industry to develop a high temperature, low temperature compatible electric vehicles dedicated fuse holder, new energy electric dual-mode vehicle for supporting the fuse holder. Car assembly fuse holder, fuse holder assembly dedicated fire. Car Audio fuse holder and automotive high-end electronic circuit protection fuses (24K gold Anti-gold, can be customized according to customer needs) products, product applications 24V low voltage to 250V voltage (DC). Applications Current 30A to 800A large current products Currently Youde Department of Japanese, including many well-known domestic electric car manufacturers cooperation. Our products are widely used in electric cars, fire trucks, sweeping vehicles, commercial-grade trucks, heavy trucks car. Things vehicles and so the automotive industry. Our company set up electronic production. Hardware stamping, plastic injection, tooling, development, assembly, QC. testing packaging workshop. In the peer has great production of standardized production and sales team.

       Products comply with ROHS environmental testing requirements. Products have: UL.CSA.CUL.VDE.PSE.CCC.CQC.CE.CB.EK.SEMKO.BSI certification and other countries, have these international certification of our products widely sold worldwide for your product protection for added security protection chain.

       Our products are widely used in electronic protection power supplies, adapters, chargers, control panels, consumer electronics, computers, telephones, home appliances (cooker, monitors, DVD, stereo, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), LED drive power, communications equipment, medical equipment, lighting, power supply, ballast, cigarette lighter, switches, test equipment, lamp power, lights, energy saving lamps, lighting, plug all kinds of machine types of electronic instrumentation equipment, electrical components and so on.

Our excellent product quality, reasonable prices, improve service, and strive to provide the highest quality products for every customer. The best quality service. Only our continued efforts to complete a more powerful product sales market, will make you more powerful force product selection, product gift for your new program, more attractive, more secure and reliable.